About Shanescape

Travel: one of life’s many pleasures. I enjoy the journey as much as the destination. I’m fascinated with the hows of getting from point A to B, particularly with air travel. That’s probably why I started Shanescape.

Shanescape started as a little side project to break out of the daily rut (and boredom) of the corporate world, to add my take on the already plentiful travel reviews and resources out there. This is so that travellers can have access to more perspectives before making their travel choices.

What you will find on this site is a collection of reviews, news and updates on air travel, hotels and loyalty programmes. I aim to share with you the good so that you can enjoy them as well, and the not-so-good so you don’t have to suffer.

All of the travel and stays are fully paid for myself, unless otherwise stated. Also, as you will notice by now, it’s hard to reckon who I am (you are most likely not gonna get any photos of me here) so that I can maintain the objectivity of reviews within being accorded extra attention and service from those I review.

To contact me, you can drop me an email at theshadyshane@gmail.com, or through my instagram @shane.scape.

More about me

I’d like to think I am a wanderer. In the absence of great distances to go within the tiny state of Singapore, I venture out a lot – sometimes a bit too much.

I love to explore new spaces and cultures, spending plenty of time at airports and on the road. Airports are fascinating places – never can you find another place with such a wonderful mix of people, each bringing their own stories that cannot be more different.

I have a quirk – I always want to sit in a local coffeehouse for an hour or two. Why? The coffeehouse (or teahouse in some places) is the cornerstone of the community; a place where people gather, exchange social lives, and commune.