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Citibank updates Citi Rewards card earn rates to 4 miles per dollar spent on all online transactions

Travel spend and mobile wallet top-ups are excluded though.

The Citi Rewards card has been a staple in my wallet for a while now given that it was a leading card in the market for some time: it offered 10x ThankYou Points, or 4 miles, per dollar spent when you shopped anywhere selling shoes, bags or clothes.

This made the card almost an indispensible one, given that there’s always bound to be times that you will be buying clothes or bags for yourself, or as gifts, either locally or overseas.

Also, Citibank has the widest range of partners: you can transfer your ThankYou points into programmes such as Thai Airways’ Royal Orchid Plus and even Etihad Guest programmes.

Updates to the card

Citibank today announced that the 10x rewards, or 4 miles per dollar spent will now be extended to all online spend as well, excluding travel-related spend and topping up of mobile wallets.

What it means is that your lifestyle spend, such as booking of movie tickets online, will now be eligible for more miles, which is always good.

Note that as with before, you will only earn the bonus points up to a S$1,000 worth of eligible spend each month, so make sure you keep within that limit.

Key exclusions

On the flip side, you can’t get extra miles for any travel-related spend, such as air tickets or hotels. This is where the DBS Woman’s World Mastercard comes in – that gem of a card (PSA: guys can apply too) also gives an equivalent of 4 miles per dollar spent for travel-related spending, up to a cap of S$2,000 per month.

Another key exclusion to the 10x ThankYou Points is the topping up of mobile wallets. That means you can’t get extra miles for topping up your GrabPay wallet, or any other stored value accounts such as YouTrip.

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