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10% bonus Asia Miles if you convert them from credit card points by 31 Jan

Cathay Pacific’s Asia Miles is currently offering a bonus for credit card points converted in Asia Miles. The offer runs from now until the end of January 2020.

The offer

From now until 31 January 2020, Asia Miles members who convert credit card points into Asia Miles will receive 10% bonus points.

While this year’s promotion is lightly less than last year’s 15% bonus, the upside this time round is that there is no cap to the number of miles you can transfer. In 2019, there was a 10,000 miles cap on the number of bonus miles you can receive.

How to sign up

To qualify for the bonus, first you will need to register through this link.

You should see a confirmation page once you have registered.

Next, go on to make the transfer from your credit card points to Asia Miles. For those based in Singapore, you can transfer from the following banks or card issuers into Asia Miles:

  • American Express
  • Bank of China
  • Citibank
  • DBS
  • HSBC
  • Maybank
  • UOB

Note that the 10% bonus miles will only credit 6 to 8 weeks after January, so don’t count on it if you need the miles urgently.

Asia Miles has confirmed that as long as the transfer request is initiated before 31 January 2020, the bonus miles will be awarded.

In any event if you do not see the bonus miles come in, be sure to contact Asia Miles by 31 May 2020, after which they will not entertain any further claims.

For the full terms and conditions, click here.

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