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LOUNGE REVIEW: Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge, Changi Airport Terminal 3

Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge

Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge, Changi Airport Terminal 3

Aching for a quick weekend getaway in Bali, I decided to burn 17,500 miles and S$34 in taxes for a Friday afternoon departure on Singapore Airlines business class, given that economy class tickets on the market are going for close to $200 one-way.

It’s my first redemption after Singapore Airlines devalued its Krisflyer miles. Some would advise that I should have done it before 23 March (before the devaluation), but I do think that burning an additional 2,625 miles to save on close to $70 in surcharges is probably still somewhat worth it.

With the J class ticket in hand, of course I had to spend some time at the acclaimed flagship SilverKris lounge in Terminal 3.

How do I get in?

The SilverKris lounge is Singapore Airlines’ business class lounge. Access to the SilverKris lounge is limited only to its Business & First Class passengers, as well as other Star Alliance carriers’ Business & First Class passengers. PPS & Solitaire PPS members may also use the lounge even if they travel in economy class.

Business class to the left

Singapore Airlines have a separate lounge, the KrisFlyer Gold lounge, for all Star Alliance Gold elite members at Changi Airport. So if you hold status while travelling in economy, tough luck in getting into the SilverKris lounge at Changi.

Where is it?

The lounge is located near the A gates, one level above the shopping strip. Simply follow signs to the ‘A’ gates from wherever you are, or turn left after clearing immigration and it’s just a couple of minutes away. If you are lost, simply ask one of the Changi Experience Agents in the bright pink jackets and they will gladly point you in the right direction.

Changi Airport Terminal 3, near the A gates

Once the lounge host has greeted you and seen your boarding pass, walk further in and turn left. The business class lounge is to the left, while the first class lounge is to the right.

The Lounge

The SilverKris lounge has a distinct classic feel to it – plenty of warm lighting, wood finishing and elegantly designed. It tries to emulate a feeling of home, as described on its website:

Inside, customers can look forward to the familiarity of home with unique spaces modelled after living, dining rooms and kitchens, featuring tastefully selected art pieces.

The lounge was moderately occupied when I entered at about 2.30pm, with perhaps a few dozen people adequately spaced out across the lounge. Even then, I was spoilt for choice for a seat, and I ended up nesting at one of the high tables.

What’s good to eat?

KrisFlyer lounges are technically opened 24 hours and will have a range of food available round the clock.

Buffet area

On the menu today was an international spread from speghetti boglonese and deep fried lemon chicken, to yong tau foo (a first that I’ve seen in any lounge), and an indian vegetarian option.

The local yong tau foo, with soy bean soup on the far right that goes right with it

On the side you also find a salad bar, with an assorted plate of maki and fresh fruits.

Salad bar

There’s also a bread basket with an oven, as well as some cold sandwiches that I thought could do with a much better packaging.

There are two self service bar areas in the lounge. SilverKris lounge serves up the the delicious TWG teas, with over a dozen choice to choose from.

Selection of TWG teas with a coffee machine

For the alcoholics, note that champagne is available all day but has to be requested from one of the service staff. On the self service bar you have your usual spirits – Absolut vodka, Johnnie Walker black label, Bombay Sapphire gin.

Self-service bar

I personally thought that they could afford better quality spirits, perhaps Grey Goose and Hendricks.A nice touch was the draft Tiger beer tap, with an adjacent fridge full of chilled mugs. On offer were also a choice of red and white wine, although I didn’t care to check them out. Remember, champagne has to be requested!

Selection of international wines, champagne on request


Shower room

Since I came from work, I decided to take a shower since I had some time.

The shower stalls are located inside the toilets, right next to the entrance of the lounge. In the toilets, amenities are available at the common basins for those who simply need to freshen up, particularly useful for transit passengers who are passing by Singapore before heading off somewhere else.

There are plenty of shower rooms available. Each shower stall has its own basin and a basket of amenities, including the London perfumer Miller Harris range of eau de toilette and body lotion and disposables such as toothbrush, shaving kit and comb.

Miller Harris amenities

A freshly laundered towel is also available for your use, although the quality is definitely not what you will find from a five-star hotel.

The towel came wrapped in a flimsy plastic package that you can easily rip off

Push-pump dispensers for soap and shampoo

What was disappointing was the use of wall-mounted press pumps for the body wash and shampoo. For a flagship lounge I’d thought that lounge users should deserve better, but I guess press pumps are the most cost efficient given that travel size bottles usually costs more and results in higher wastage.

Overall the SilverKris Lounge in Terminal 3 is a classic of its own with very decent offerings for its users. However, as a flagship lounge given that this is home base for Singapore Airlines, the experience was not exceedingly spectacular – the little details slowly but surely eroded the premium the brand has over its rivals.

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