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Singapore Airlines Mastercard promotion, ends 23 July 2018

Singapore Airlines is now running a Mastercard promotion to almost all its destinations. Promo fares are available across all classes – Economy, Premium Economy and Business.

The sale period though is a little confusing. Business and Premium Economy sale ends 23 July 2018, while Economy class fares are available through 13 July 2018.

For those who want to splurge a little, the business class fares seem rather reasonable. Fares begin from S$648 (two to go, Kuala Lumpur), and the most expensive being S$7,188 (New York JFK).

Return fares below:

Destinations Economy  (S$) Premium Economy (S$) Business (S$)
Bangkok 248

228 (two to go)


918 (two to go)

Hong Kong 288

278 (two to go)


828 (two to go)


1,588 (two to go)

Tokyo-Narita 708 1,898

1,768 (two to go)


3,168 (two to go)

Sydney 678

658 (two to go)


1,608 (two to go)


3,808 (two to go)

London 1,198

1,058 (two to go)


2,698 (two to go)


5,698 (two to go)

Los Angeles 1,348

1,168 (two to go)


2,518 (two to go)


5,818 (two to go)

New York 1,478

1,428 (two to go)


1,988 (two to go)


6,188 (two to go)

Note that all these fares must be purchase at least seven to 45 days in advance, depending on destination.

SQ-JCL-TPE-4Singapore Airlines A330-300 regional business class[/caption]

One call out though: for those planning a trip to New York City later this year, two-to-go Premium Economy fares start at S$1,988. Good deal if you ask me. You will get 20,492 miles, plus if you charge that to DBS Altitude you will get 5,955 miles, for a total of 26,447. That’s enough miles for a return trip to Bangkok.

If you have got some money to burn to pamper yourself, I personally think that the Hong Kong deal is the best: two-to-go fares at S$1,588 per pax, and plus you get 3,970 miles on KrisFlyer for the trip. Charge that amount to your DBS Altitude card and you will get another 4,754 miles, for a total of 8,724 miles.

Not too shabby, if you have that kind of money. Book now at

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