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LOUNGE REVIEW: Cathay Pacific Singapore Lounge, Changi Airport Terminal 4

The Hong Kong Singapore Lounge is one of the latest in the Cathay Pacific’s network, opened less than 18 months ago when Singapore Changi Airport opened its newest terminal, Terminal 4.

Being one of the major airlines operating out of Terminal 4 since the terminal opened back in 2017, the Cathay Pacific Singapore lounge is the only airline lounge at Terminal 4. It is a fairly cosy one, with 849 square metres of space and offering seats for over 200 customers at any point in time.

Who can access this lounge?

Apart from Cathay Pacific’s own business and first class passengers, Marco Polo Silver, Gold and Diamond members can also access the lounge when travelling on a Cathay Pacific flight out of Singapore. Oneworld sapphire and emerald members may also use the lounge as long as they are travelling on a oneworld-member operated flight on the same day, although I’m not sure if you should make the trek to Terminal 4 just for this lounge when the Qantas lounge at Terminal 1 is probably a better choice.

The lounge

The Cathay Pacific Singapore lounge features two main seating areas. The first is at the noodle bar, with plenty of two and four-seater booths, along with bar seats at the noodle bar and a long communal table adorned with stools.

On the terrace overlooking the transit area of the terminal features several armchairs and coffee tables, perfect for a late night pre-departure drink. This is also where the self-service buffet area is placed.

Cathay Pacific brought its famous noodle bar to the Singapore lounge as well, which has become a perennial favourite for customers around the world.

The noodle bar serves up small bowls of the signature Hong Kong Wanton Noodles, along with other type of cooked-to-order items that reflects the local culture. For instance, the Singapore lounge serves a version of laksa as well, similar to the Qantas Singapore lounge.

Another thing on offer was the steamed chicken dumplings (siew mai). While this is traditionally made with pork, I guess chicken may be a little more palatable to the diverse range of customers passing through.

On the buffet table was also the standard western breakfast offering, including scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages and also a Chinese favourite, rice porridge.

The lounge also offer a range of reading materials such as newspapers and magazines, although I didn’t really see anything picking something up to read while I was there.

The only difference between the Singapore lounge and the Hong Kong lounges is the absence of shower rooms, given that Cathay Pacific only flies to Hong Kong and Bangkok from Singapore. Also, no other oneworld airlines are operating from Terminal 4, so that lessens the need for shower rooms.

Final words

The Cathay Pacific Singapore lounge is probably one of the newest ones on its network. While fairly small when you compare it to the labyrinth in many of the Hong Kong lounges, this lounge contain many wins – such as the noodle bar – which sufficient catered to the needs of the customers.

I am a fan of Cathay Pacific’s lounges in Hong Kong, having been to several of them, including the Deck and the Wing business lounges. Cathay is known to provide a solid lounge product, with good space design, ample seating and very decent food. Of course, given its popularity, the lounges in Hong Kong International Airport are usually very packed, so it’s pretty refreshing to go into a less crowded Cathay Pacific lounge.

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