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July 2019 Spontaneous Escapes is here

Singapore Airlines have unveiled their July Spontaneous Escapes a tad late this month, but it’s still a good range of offering for a post-mid year break.

A total of 23 Singapore Airlines destinations and 21 SilkAir destinations are on sale this month.

Notable mentions

  • Dusseldorf business class seats make a return this month, after a very long absence. SQ flies the A350 to Dusseldorf and online reviews of the premium product has been no less than great.
  • All of Japan is on offer this month, given that Singaporeans don’t typically like to visit Japan during the summer months. One way business class seats go for 32,900 miles, while economy class seats go for 17,500 miles each way.

Full list of offers are below:

Singapore Airlines

Miles required each way
Sector Economy Class Premium Economy Business Class Eligible flights / Blackout dates
Southeast Asia        
SIN – Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur – SIN
5,250 13,300 SQ107, SQ116, SQ117
SIN – Surabaya
Surabaya – SIN

Singapore to Bangkok
Bangkok to Singapore

8,750 15,050 To Bangkok: Only on SQ970, SQ974 (J only), SQ976, SQ978 & SQ982
From Bangkok: SQ973, SQ975, SQ981 & SQ983 (J only)
Singapore to Manila
Manila to Singapore
8,750 15,050 To Manila: SQ912 (J only), SQ916 & SQ918 (Y only)
From Manila: SQ915 (J only), SQ919 (Y only) & SQ921

Singapore to Yangon
Yangon to Singapore

8,750 15,050
North Asia        
Singapore to Beijing Beijing to Singapore 14,000
(SIN-PEK only)
22,400 27,300
Singapore to Shanghai
Shanghai to Singapore
14,000 22,400 27,300 To Shanghai: SQ826, SQ828 (PY only), SQ830 (PY only), SQ832 (J only), SQ836 (PY & J only)
From Shanghai: SQ825 (Y & PY only), SQ827, SQ831 (PY & J only), SQ833 (PY & J only), SQ835
Singapore to Fukuoka
Fukuoka to Singapore
17,500 32,900 Blackout dates: 20-30 Jul
Singapore to Nagoya
Nagoya to Singapore
17,500 32,900  –
Singapore to Osaka
Osaka to Singapore
17,500 32,900

To Osaka: SQ620, SQ622
From Osaka: SQ621, SQ623 (J only)

Singapore to Tokyo
Tokyo to Singapore
17,500 32,900 To Tokyo: SQ630, SQ634 (Y only), SQ638
From Tokyo: SQ11 (J only), SQ637 (J only), SQ639
Singapore to Seoul
Seoul to Singapore
17,500 24,150 32,900 To Seoul: SQ600 (Y only), SQ602, SQ608, SQ612 (Y & PY only)
From Seoul: SQ603, SQ607 (J only), SQ609 (Y only), SQ611 (PY & J only)
South Asia, Middle East & Africa        
Singapore to Ahmedabad
Ahmedabad to Singapore
12,950 27,300
Singapore to Bangalore
Bangalore to Singapore
Singapore to Dhaka
Dhaka to Singapore
12,950 27,300  
Singapore to Kolkata
Kolkata to Singapore
12,950 27,300  
Singapore to New Delhi
New Delhi to Singapore
22,400 27,300 To New Delhi: SQ402 (J only), SQ406
From New Delhi: SQ401 (J only), SQ403 (J only)
Singapore to Mumbai 22,400 SQ422 only
Singapore to Dubai 17,500 34,300 Blackout dates: 26 – 31 July 2019 

Singapore to Johannesburg
Johannesburg to Singapore

17,500 34,300 Only on SQ481 & SQ482
Southwest Pacific        
Adelaide to Singapore 19,600 43,400 Blackout dates: 1-11 July (Y class); 1-9 July (J class)
Brisbane to Singapore 19,600 32,900 43,400 SQ246 (PY & J only), SQ256, SQ266
Singapore to Frankfurt 26,600 64,400 SQ326
Blackout dates: 25 – 31 July 2019 (Y class)
Singapore to Düsseldorf 64,400 SQ338

SilkAir – Only Economy class available

SectorEconomy Class (miles each way)Eligible flights / Blackout dates
Southeast Asia  
Singapore to Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur to Singapore
5,250To KL: All except MI322, MI324
From KL: All except MI327, MI329, MI339
Singapore to Penang
Penang to Singapore
5,250To Penang: MI350, MI352, MI356
From Penang: All
Medan to Singapore5,250MI233, MI237
Singapore to Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai to Singapore
Singapore to Phuket
Phuket to Singapore
8,750To Phuket: MI750, MI752, MI760
From Phuket: MI749, MI751, MI759
Singapore to Yangon
Yangon to Singapore
North Asia  
Singapore to Chengdu, Chongqing10,500To Chongqing: MI972 only
Chong Qing blackout dates:
21-31 July 2019 
Singapore to Shenzhen
Shenzhen to Singapore
Singapore to Xiamen
Xiamen to Singapore
Singapore to Hiroshima
Hiroshima to Singapore
17,500 –
South Asia  
Singapore to:
– Bangalore
– Coimbatore
– Colombo
– Hyderabad
– Kochi
– Kolkata
– Visakhapatnam and vice versa
Singapore to Kathmandu 12,950
Southwest Pacific  
Darwin to Singapore14,000
Cairns to Singapore19,600– 

Remember – redemptions end 30 June 2019, so grab your seats fast for your last-minute holiday!

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