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LOUNGE REVIEW: TGM (formerly known as The Green Market), Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2

Plaza Premium operates a wide suite of lounges and airport transit hotel offerings around the world, and have been aggressively expanding in the last couple of years. Its footprint at Changi Airport is not small: it operates two lounges (one at Terminal 1 and 4 each), the Aerotel in Terminal 1 as well as a restaurant-lounge concept TGM at Terminal 2.

TGM at Changi Airport Terminal 2, Level 3

TGM, formerly known as The Green Market, has been around at Changi Airport for several years now. Located in Changi Airport Terminal 2, the space is on the third floor after immigration, right next to the food court.

In the strictest sense, TGM is not exactly a lounge, but rather a restaurant. As such, the restaurant-lounge outlet also accepts walk-in guests who may be there for a meal, so this place tends to get a little busy during meal times.

Given that it operates more like a restaurant rather than a lounge, TGM doesn’t have a large footprint. The restaurant only has booth and dining table seating, and you will be hard-pressed to look for an armchair to lounge at. Given the concept, the space makes it ideal for groups and most definitely suitable if you are expecting substantial food.

For my visit today, I’ve used my Priority Pass card, which entitles me to a complimentary meal at TGM. TGM has a ‘corporate menu’ from which you can select a bento set, as well as a soft drink, tea or coffee to go with your meal. 

Once you enter, you can choose from the following bento sets:

  • Sashimi Bento Set
  • Salmon Butteryaki Bento Set
  • Beef Shogayaki Set
  • Tempura Bento Set
  • Chicken Teriyaki Set
  • Korean Rice Cake and Dumpling Soup Set
  • Saba Teriyaki Set

Unfortunately TGM does not offer complimentary alcoholic drinks, so if you are in the mood for a tipple you might want to check out the other Priority Pass lounges instead.

Alcoholic drinks menu

As I haven’t had lunch and was planning to fill up at TGM, I settle on the chicken teriyaki bento. The bento was pretty substantial: there was a side of gyoza, pork and radish, two croquettes, miso soup, rice and also some fruit. 

Given that this is not a traditional lounge space, you aren’t going to get a lot of facility. In fact, the restaurant doesn’t even have its own restrooms, you will need to make a short trek to the public toilets next to the food court, so if you are travelling alone this may not be ideal, although the staff will be more than helpful to keep an eye on your belongings.

Chicken Teriyaki Bento Set

However, TGM is a good space if you need to get some work done. When I was there on a Saturday afternoon at about 3pm, there was hardly anyone in the restaurant thus making it a good respite from the crowd in the terminal.

Also, every table has access to a power socket, so if you need to charge your devices or plug in your laptop, this is a good space.

Final thoughts

Overall, TGM is a good place to hit if you (i) have an unlimited Priority Pass membership, and (ii) need a fuss-free meal before you get on your flight from Terminal 2. This is a much better dining option over the SATS Premier Lounge in Terminal 2, even though it doesn’t come with complimentary alcohol.

Having said this, if you need other lounge facilities, such as shower facilities or complimentary unlimited beverages, you will really be better off visiting the Plaza Premium Lounge at Terminal 1.

TGM booth sitting

Location and operating details

Location: Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2, Level 3 (beside food court)
Access: Priority Pass or Dragon Pass, or pay-per-use
Hours: 0600H to 0100H
Food and beverage: Yes, one complimentary bento set and non-alcoholic beverage
Alcohol: Chargeable
Toilets: No
Showers: No
Business Centre: No

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