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Singapore Airlines now offers unlimited Wifi for first class and suites passengers

If you are travelling in first class or suites on Singapore Airlines anytime soon, you will now enjoy free unlimited in-flight wifi. Business class passengers and PPS club members will enjoy 100MB, up from the 30MB.

There is a big catch though: it depends on the type of aircraft you are flying on. The limitation is due to the type of in-flight connectivity system used.

You will enjoy the upsized amount if you are flying on the A350 or B787-10 aircraft. But if you are flying on the A380 or the B777-300ER, it will depend on the specific aircraft you are flying on. The fleet is progressively being upgraded so it’s best to check on the flight.

Updated wifi entitlements (source: Singapore Airlines website)

Fret not, even if you are still on an aircraft with the older system, you will still get the previous allowances of 100MB and 30MB for first and business class passengers respectively.

Singapore Airlines first rolled out complimentary wifi for its premium passengers back in February 2018, but up to a nominal limit. Business class passengers and PPS Club members in economy and premium economy were given 30MB, while first and suites passengers were offered 100MB.

Wifi is not available on some aircraft

Note that Singapore Airlines does not have wifi on all its aircraft. The following aircraft types do not have wifi:

  • A330-300
  • B777-200
  • B777-200ER
  • B777-300

Paying for wifi

Singapore Airlines had previously run a pretty confusing in-flight wifi pricing plan, which saw numerous prices and options depending on the aircraft type you were flying on.

The airline has since moved towards a standardised pricing plan, which unfortunately are now all data-based rather than time-based:

  • Chat (30MB) – USD 3.99
  • Pro (100MB) – USD 9.99
  • Premium (200MB) – USD 15.99

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