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Singapore Airlines & Silkair announce further cuts to Mainland China flights

The novel coronavirus is slowly killing airlines, one route at a time.

Singapore Airlines have put out another statement late 10 February 2020 announcing further cuts to Mainland China, following a drastic reduction in service since beginning to the month.

As Singapore’s national carrier, the airline was probably obliged to keep air routes open, probably in part due to diplomatic relations.

However, given the drop in business, it only makes sense to further cut services and maintain a minimum connectivity during this time when anyone who steps in from China have to face a 14-day quarantine.

SIA’s statement:

As a result of the novel coronavirus outbreak, demand for air travel between Singapore and China has declined significantly.

Singapore Airlines and SilkAir will be further rationalising our flights to China temporarily. Services to some destinations will be temporarily suspended until the situation improves. Details of the affected flights can be found here.

The Singapore Airlines Group has had a long history of operating to China. There are still many Singaporeans working and living in China now, many of whom will still require connectivity between Singapore and China. As the national carrier, we will continue to maintain minimum connectivity to the key cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chongqing for now despite the reduced demand.

Singapore Airlines, 10 Feb 2020

SIA’s current schedule to Mainland China

As of 10 Feb 2020, Singapore Airlines & Silkair will be cancelling all flights to China until 28 Mar, except for the following bare minimum services:

RouteFlight No.DepArrDays of OpsAircraft Type
Singapore – BeijingSQ80208451450DailyB777-300ER / A350-900
Beijing – SingaporeSQ80716402320DailyB777-300ER / A350-900
Singapore – ShanghaiSQ83009201435DailyA380-800
Shanghai – SingaporeSQ83116252215DailyA380-800
Singapore – GuangzhouSQ85008051210Select daysB787-10
Guangzhou – SingaporeSQ85113251730Select daysB787-10
Singapore – ChongqingMI9720700112014 Feb & MondaysB737-800
Chongqing – SingaporeMI9711220171514 Feb & MondaysB737-800

For the full list of cancellations, please see SIA’s list here.

For a full list of other China-bound services cancelled, visit my previous article here.

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