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OCBC VOYAGE offers 2.5mpd on dining in August

This is a 1.2 additional mpd on top of its usual 1.3mpd

OCBC VOYAGE cardholders finally have something to shout about: the bank will offer 2.5 miles per dollar spent on dining spending in August 2020, capped at S$1,000.

This enhanced earn rate applies to all versions of the VOYAGE card and the enhanced rate of 2.5mpd holds same, regardless of what’s your base earn rate (either 1.3 or 1.6 mpd).

These versions of VOYAGE card will also earn 2.5 mpd on dining in Aug 2020

Registration for this promotion is not required and all cardholders are automatically included in the promotion.

For any reason you are dining overseas (perhaps you are just based in UK and decides to use your Singapore credit card anyway), you will still earn only 2.5 mpd on dining spend.

Bonus miles will be awarded by October

According to OCBC’s terms and conditions, the bonus miles will be awarded two months after the end of the promotional period, i.e. by 31 Oct.

Note that OCBC has moved to a S$5 block for the award of miles, so that means that you will earn a total of 25 miles per S$5 spent effectively.

What qualifies as dining spend?

Based on the terms and conditions, dining spend refer to any of the following MCCs:

Dining transactions are defined as those with the following MCCs, whether online or offline:

  • MCC 5811: Caterers
  • MCC 5812: Eating Places, Restaurants
  • MCC 5814: Fast Food Restaurants

Note that there are some eating places such as food kiosks, cafes (including coffee places such as Starbucks), restaurants in hotels that may not fall under the above categories, so you ought to be careful if you frequently spend in those places.

Final thoughts

Given that travel credit cards are pretty much useless while Covid-19 effectively grounds all travel, it’s good to see banks offering bonus earn rates on other categories.

OCBC has earned killed its 1.6 mpd earn rate on dining, so this promotion is definitely very welcomed, even if it’s only for a month and with a spending cap. That said, S$1,000 is still a fair amount to get through, so be sure to charge your OCBC VOYAGE cards for your meals.

Even after you run out the cap, there are plenty of other cards that you can still use to clock up at least 4 mpd, such as the UOB Lady’s Card, UOB Preferred Platinum and more.

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