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Jetstar Asia extends validity of credit vouchers to 12 months

The vouchers were previously only valid for six months from date of issue.

Many people are probably be holding on to a handful of travel credit vouchers from airlines, given the spate of cancellations that happened since Covid-19 hit the world in a big way.

As the pandemic stretches out and continue to batter the aviation industry, Jetstar has updated its policy around the credit vouchers that it has earlier issued for cancellations.

Jetstar Asia extends the validity of vouchers to 12 months

Good news to those who are holding Jetstar Asia credit vouchers: the validity of the vouchers have been extended from six to 12 months, from the date of voucher issue.

In addition, the credit voucher can now be used over several transactions, instead of a single one under its usual terms and conditions.

This news was made known in an email to customers today:

We wanted to let you know that we’ve made the Jetstar credit voucher you received for booking [redacted] even more flexible.

From today, all new and existing unused vouchers issued by Jetstar Asia in relation to COVID-19 will be valid for 12 months from the date of issue and can be used across multiple bookings.

We usually make flights available 12 months in advance, so you’ll now have about 2 years to take your next trip with us and if you have enough credit, you’ll be able to book more than one trip and head off on more than one adventure.

We’ve updated the rules on our end so if you’ve already received your voucher – you don’t need to wait for a new one, it’s been updated in our system & it will work for 12 months and on multiple bookings as long as you have credit remaining.

The other terms and conditions and the way you redeem your voucher on Jetstar bookings won’t change. And, you’ll be able to check how much credit you have left at any time by going to the voucher balance portal and entering your First Name, Surname and Voucher number. You can find more details on our terms and conditions here

We hope this change means that you get the best possible value from your voucher and we’re looking forward to welcoming you onboard soon.

Yours sincerely,

Jennifer Armor

This enhancement is in line with what its parent company Qantas has implemented for its customers, where customers holding travel credit can utilise their credit value in parts, rather than having to use it in a single transaction.

As an enhancement, customers can also check on how much they have left on their voucher in a new portal that Jetstar has set up. Note that the validity has not been extended, so it should be updated to 12 months in due time.

Screenshot of the Jetstar voucher portal

Jetstar Asia has one of the most restrictive credit voucher terms

Jetstar is a group of airlines that has three legal entities: Jetstar Airways (JQ), registered in Australia; Jetstar Asia (3K), registered in Singapore; Jetstar Pacific (BL) registered in Vietnam; and Jetstar Japan (GK) registered in Japan.

As a low-cost carrier, Jetstar only allow refunds under very specific circumstances, but they usually come as an option if you purchase a Max Bundle, which affords customer some flexibility. While you will not get your cash back, you will be able to cancel your ticket for a credit voucher.

This is when it starts to get complicated. For refundable tickets, the different airlines have different Jetstar Airways allow passengers to hold the value in credit for up to three years from the date of cancellation, while Jetstar Asia, Jetstar Pacific and Jetstar Japan only allow six months.

Jetstar credit voucher terms and conditions

Another key condition was that the value of the voucher must be fully utilised in a single transaction for future use – that means that a customer couldn’t use a S$100 voucher for a S$50 fare twice.

Specific to Covid-19, Jetstar Asia has allowed all customers to either make a one-time change, or refund for a credit voucher. For customers who have opted for a refund in March, the expiry would have been in September. With the expiry being three months away from today, and with no signs of travel restrictions being lifted — it’s not a pretty picture.

Final thoughts

While Jetstar isn’t really going to extra mile for customers, this is definitely a good move, even though it barely matches up with what other airlines offer.

Most other airlines had outright offered either a refund or a credit voucher since early days of Covid-19. To entice customers not to refund their tickets, some airlines such as Scoot and Singapore Airlines have offered bonus credit vouchers.

Scoot offering 120% credit voucher

Nonetheless, this is still a good development for customers with Jetstar vouchers. As travel restriction remains in place, we can only wait to see when can these vouchers be utilised for future travel.

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