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Restaurant A380@Changi: More dates now available

First run in two weeks’ time sold out in 30 minutes, SIA looking to add new slots

As expected, the Restaurant A380@Changi seats sold like hotcakes, with all available seats over two days snapped up within 30 minutes.

According to media reports, Singapore Airlines said it sold about half the seats on each aircraft due to social distancing, which means that only about 200+ seats are sold on each day. Interestingly, Straits Times has said that it has sold “over 900” seats for the first run, so either the newspaper has gotten the numbers wrong, or SIA has implied that it is opening up more than one aircraft for the session.

New sessions added

Given the overwhelming response, Singapore Airlines has committed to adding at least four more sessions on 24, 25, 31 Oct and 1 Nov 2020.

As 24 and 25 Oct are the original dates for the first run of Restaurant A380@Changi, it’s likely that the added sessions on those days are dinner slots instead. 31 Oct and 1 Nov on the other hand will be new dates altogether.

To meet the extended demand, SIA has opened a waitlist for those interested but didn’t manage to snag a seat on the first run.

To sign up, first navigate to the KrisShop page for Restaurant A380@Changi.

Next, click on the ‘notify me’ on your preferred cabin. Note that only business, premium economy and economy classes are left for selection, so if you wanted to dine in Suites, you are out of luck.

A window will pop up, asking you to key in for your email address.

And after that, simply wait for SIA to send you the email when booking is open.

Note that this is probably more of a ‘notification list’ rather than a waitlist, and that means that you won’t necessarily get first dips at the newly opened seats, so it pays to pay attention to your email inbox over the next few days.

I have already bought my ticket!

So if you have managed to snag a ticket… lucky you. Remember that you need to send in the supplementary details for your booking by today (13 Nov 2020). This is critical, for your access into the transit area at Terminal 3 where the event will be held.

You will also be required to make your meal selection, which you can find in the menus below:

If you prefer to look at photos, SIA has also released the following images on the meal selections:

First Class selections (photo credit: Singapore Airlines)
Business Class selections (photo credit: Singapore Airlines)
Premium economy class selections (photo credit: Singapore Airlines)
Economy class selections (photo credit: Singapore Airlines)

Final thoughts

I’m very glad that SIA has planned for additional seatings, given how popular the sale for the first run has gone. By all accounts, Singaporeans are dying to get on a plane, even one that is not taking off, and supporting the national carrier at the same time.

So if you want a second chance at this, be sure to act fast the next time round!

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