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Singapore Airlines and Silkair further expands network in December, January

New destinations include Dhaka, New York JFK and Penang

Singapore Airlines and Silkair has published their schedules up to January 2021, with a published schedule to a total of 43 cities across 28 countries/territories.

There are a handful of new destinations, including Bandar Seri Begawan, Dhaka and Johannesburg, on top of the previously announced non-stop service to New York JFK. All new services will begin in November.

Silkair has some notably decreases in frequencies, such as to Cebu & Medan.

Between Singapore Airlines and Silkair, the two carriers will operate about 1,500 flights in December & January each. Overall, the two airlines are flying at about 16% of its pre-Covid-19 capacity.

Key changes

Some of the key changes include:

South Asia

  • SIA has commenced two weekly to Dhaka in November, which will increase to four times weekly from November.
  • Johannesburg services has commenced since November for three times a week.

Southeast Asia

  • SIA will commence a weekly service to Bandar Seri Begawan. While the flight has an SQ flight number, it will be operated by Silkair.
  • SIA will commence daily services from Singapore to Bangkok. The return service will also be daily.
  • Services to and from Manila services will increase from two to five times weekly from December.
  • Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi remains one way services to Singapore in December & January, but with increased frequencies.

North Asia

  • SIA will commence a weekly service to and from Shenzhen
  • Services to Hong Kong will increase from seven to 10 times weekly.
  • Services to Osaka will increase from two to five times weekly.
  • Services to Tokyo-Narita will increase to six times a week in December, and to daily in January 2021.
  • Seoul will be served six times weekly, up from five.

Southwest Pacific

  • Brisbane gets two additional services a week as SQ245/SQ256, making it a total of four weekly non-stop service.
  • Services between Singapore and Melbourne increases from daily to 13 times a week.
  • Sydney services will increase from seven to 12 times a week, including the SQ288 Singapore-Sydney-Brisbane-Singapore triangular service.
  • Auckland services begins a sixth weekly service in December, up from five.


  • Copenhagen gets an additional service for a total of two flights a week.
  • Services to and from Amsterdam increases to a daily service from December, up from three times weekly.

Singapore Airlines schedule

The full schedules for Singapore Airlines for December 2020 and January 2021 are as follow:

Southeast Asia

SectorFlight No.Days OperatingDepArrDurationAircraft
Singapore – Bandar Seri BegawanSQ148Sun084010502h 10mB737-800
Bandar Seri Begawan – SingaporeSQ147Sun115514052h 10mB737-800
Singapore – Kuala LumpurSQ104Mon, Tue, Fri083009301hA350-900
Kuala Lumpur – SingaporeSQ105Mon, Tue, Fri102511351h 10mA350-900
Singapore – BangkokSQ976Daily152517002h 35mB787-10
Bangkok – SingaporeSQ979Daily180521352h 30mB787-10
Singapore – JakartaSQ964Daily172018051h 45mA350-900
SQ956Mon, Wed, Fri093010151h 45mA350-900
Jakarta – SingaporeSQ965Daily190021551h 50mA350-900
SQ957Mon, Wed, Fri111514001h 45mA350-900
Singapore – SurabayaSQ930Wed, Sat075009202h 30mA350-900
Surabaya – SingaporeSQ931Wed, Sat101513352h 20mA350-900
Singapore – ManilaSQ910Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sun091512503h 35mA350-900
Manila – SingaporeSQ917Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sun140517503h 45mA350-900
Hanoi – SingaporeSQ175Wed, Fri, Sun123517153h 40mA350-900
Ho Chi Minh City – SingaporeSQ177Thu, Sat, Sun121515202h 5mB787-10

North Asia

SectorFlight No.Days OperatingDepArrDurationAircraft
Singapore – ShanghaiSQ830Mon095015055h 15mB787-10
Shanghai – SingaporeSQ833Mon165022405h 50mB787-10
Singapore – Shenzhen (New!)SQ846Sun072511203h 55m
Shenzhen – Singapore (New!)SQ847Sun142018053h 45m
Singapore – Hong KongSQ890Daily
(Until 31 Dec)
073511203h 35mB787-10
SQ860(From 1 Jan)
SQ782Wed, Thu, Sat145018504h
Hong Kong – SingaporeSQ891Daily
(Until 31 Dec)
SQ863(From 1 Jan)
141018104h B787-10
SQ871Wed, Thu, Sat195523554h
Singapore – SeoulSQ600Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun080515306h 25mA350-900
Seoul – SingaporeSQ609Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun163522206h 45mA350-900
Singapore – Tokyo NaritaSQ638Dec: Daily except Tue
Jan: Daily
005508307h 35mB787-10
Tokyo Narita – SingaporeSQ637Dec: Daily except Tue
Jan: Daily
101017007h 50mB787-10
Singapore – Osaka KansaiSQ622Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat144521506h 40mA350-900
Osaka Kansai – SingaporeSQ623Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat23200510(+1)6h 50mA350-900
Singapore – TaipeiSQ876Sat081012554h 45mB787-10
SQ878Wed, Fri112516204h 55mB787-10
Taipei – SingaporeSQ879Wed, Fri173522204h 45mB787-10
SQ877Sat141018554h 45mB787-10

Southwest Pacific

SectorFlight No.Days operatingDepArrDurationAircraft
Singapore – AdelaideSQ279Mon, Thu23400905(+1)6h 55mA350-900
Adelaide – SingaporeSQ278Tue, Fri103515107h 15mA350-900
Singapore – Brisbane (via Sydney)SQ288Fri, Sun
(Until 23 Oct)
0935215510h 20m
(incl. 1 stop)
SQ288(From 25 Oct)
Fri, Sun
0935220510h 30m
(incl. 1 stop)
Singapore – BrisbaneSQ255Mon, Fri005510457h 55mA350-900
SQ245Tue, Wed092519157h 50mA350-900
Brisbane – SingaporeSQ288Fri, Sun23000505+(1)8h 5mA350-900
SQ236Tue, Sat144520357h 50mA350-900
SQ256Wed, Thu091015108hA350-900
Singapore – MelbourneSQ217Daily111021257h 15mA350-900
SQ237Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun002510507h 25mA350-900
Melbourne – SingaporeSQ218(From 2 Dec) Daily003505157h 40mA350-900
SQ228Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun164021207h 40mA350-900
Singapore – PerthSQ223Tue, Sat, Sun100515205h 15mB787-10
Perth – SingaporeSQ214Tue, Sat, Sun163521455h 10mB787-10
Singapore – SydneySQ231Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Sat011512208h 5mA350-900
SQ241Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun070517557h 50mA350-900
SQ288Fri, Sun093520257h 50mA350-900
Sydney -SingaporeSQ222Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Sat161021208h 10mA350-900
SQ242Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun19100020(+1)8h 10mA350-900
Sydney – Singapore (via Brisbane)SQ288Fri, Sun21350500(+1)10h 35m (incl. 1 stop)A350- 900
Singapore – AucklandSQ283Sat235514509h 55mA350-900
SQ281Wed, Thu, Fri084523359h 50mA350-900
SQ285Mon, Sun18400935(+1)9h 55hA350-900
Auckland – SingaporeSQ282Tue0120064510h 25mA350-900
SQ286Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat1515205510h 40mA350-900
Singapore – ChristchurchSQ297Tue, Thu, Sun23001350(+1)9h 50mA350-900
Christchurch – SingaporeSQ298Tue, Thu, Sat1200174010h 40mA350-900

West Asia & Africa

SectorFlight No.Days operatingDepArrDurationAircraft
Singapore – DhakaSQ446Mon, Tue, Thu, Sun (until 26 Jan)194021504h 10mA350-900
SQ44628, 31 Jan20352240(+1)4h 5mA350-900
Dhaka – SingaporeSQ447Mon, Tue, Thu, Sun (until 26 Jan)234506004h 15mA350-900
SQ44728, 31 Jan23550600(+1)4h 5mA350-900
Singapore – JohannesburgSQ478Mon, Wed, Sat0130061010h 40mA350-900
Johannesburg – SingaporeSQ479Tue, Thu, Sun13450610(+1)10h 25mA350-900


SectorFlight No.Days OperatingDepArrDurationAircraft
Singapore – CopenhagenSQ352Tue, Fri00300635(+1)12h 5mA350-900
Copenhagen – SingaporeSQ351Wed, Sat12300730(+1)12hA350-900
Singapore – ParisSQ336Wed, Fri, Sun00150715(+1)14hA350-900
Paris – SingaporeSQ335Mon, Thu, Sat11000635(+1)12h 35mA350-900
Singapore – FrankfurtSQ26Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun23550620(+1)13h 25mA350-900
Frankfurt- SingaporeSQ25Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun11400650(+1)12h 10mA350-900
Singapore – Milan – BarcelonaSQ378Thu2300MXP: 0510(+1)
BCN: 0745(+1)
SIN-MXP: 13h 10m
SIN-BCN: 14h 45m
Barcelona – Milan – SingaporeSQ377SatBCN: 1040
MXP: 1330
0825(+1)BCN-SIN: 14h 45m
MXP-SIN: 11h 55m
Singapore – ZurichSQ346Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun0130075013h 20mA350-900
Zurich – SingaporeSQ345Mon, Tue, Thu, Sat10350600(+1)12h 25mA350-900
Singapore – AmsterdamSQ324Daily23550645(+1)13h 50mA350-900
Amsterdam – SingaporeSQ323Daily10250555(+1)12h 30mA350-900
Singapore – LondonSQ322Daily23450555(+1)13h 10mA350-900
SQ308Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat0900152013h 20m A350-900
London – SingaporeSQ317Daily10550750(+1)12h 55mA350-900
SQ319Mon, Tue, Wed, Sat, Sun20351730(+1)12h 55mA350-900
Singapore – IstanbulSQ392Wed0150082511h 35mA350-900
Istanbul – SingaporeSQ391Fri14250545(+1)11h 20mA350-900


SectorFlight No.Days OperatingDepArrDurationAircraft
Singapore – Los AngelesSQ38Wed, Fri, Sun1750170015h 10mA350-900
Los Angeles – SingaporeSQ37Tue, Fri, Sun22250815(+1)17h 50mA350-900
Singapore – New York JFK (New!)SQ24Mon, Wed, Sat0225073018h 5mA350-900
New York JFK – Singapore (New!)SQ23Mon, Wed, Fri22300610(+1)18h 40mA350-900

Silkair schedule

Silkair will be adding new destinations from November: Penang, Danang, Male and Kathmandu.

The other key changes from December are:

  • Phnom Penh: increase from two to three services a week
  • Medan: decrease from three to two services a week
  • Cebu: decrease from two to one service a week
SectorFlight No.Days OperatingDepArrDurationAircraft
Singapore – ChongqingMI972Mon0700
4h 35m
4h 40m
Chongqing – SingaporeMI971Mon1235
4h 55m
4h 45m
Singapore – Kuala LumpurMI324Sat, Sun083009301hB737-800
MI324Wed, Thu092010201hB737-800
Kuala Lumpur – SingaporeMI323Sat, Sun102511251hB737-800
MI324Wed, Thu111012101hB737-800
Singapore – Penang (New!)MI348Tue, Sun100011251h 25mB737-800
Penang – Singapore (New!)MI347Tue, Sun121513401h 25mB737-800
Singapore – MedanMI234Tue 074008001h 20mB737-800
MI238Fri190019201h 20mB737-800
Medan – SingaporeMI233Tue084011201h 40mB737-800
MI237Fri200522351h 30mB737-800
Singapore – CebuMI560Sun092513203h 55mB737-800
Cebu – SingaporeMI559Sun142518304h 5mB737-800
Singapore – Phnom PenhMI608Tue, Sat, Sun163017352h 5mB737-800
Phnom Penh – SingaporeMI607Tue, Sat, Sun183521352hB737-800
Danang – Singapore (New!)MI631Sun115015503hB737-800
Singapore – Male (New!)MI482Tue100511504h 45mB737-800
MI486Sat203522104h 35mB737-800
Male – Singapore (New!)MI481Tue125520454h 50mB737-800
MI485Sat23200655(+1)4h 35mB737-800
Singapore – Kathmandu (New!)MI412Sun091512104h 55mB737-800
Kathmandu – Singapore (New!)MI411Sun131020205h 10mB737-800

Final thoughts

The schedules that SIA has put out continue to climb upwards, although this continues to be a slow and steady hike. There are certainly some very interesting developments, including the recommencement of services to Male & Kathmandu, which almost certainly point towards SIA posturing themselves towards capturing as much transit/transfer traffic as they can from across the greater Asia region.

All eyes are on Hong Kong right now, with details of the Air Travel Bubble to be announced soon. It’s likely that SIA made further calibrate its service to Hong Kong, depending on regulatory requirements, as well as demand for Hong Kong services that doesn’t fall within the ATB arrangements.

With no signs of any leisure travel market happening among Asia Pacific countries as of now, a faster pick-up of flight frequencies is unlikely in the coming months. We can only hope that green-lane arrangements are announced soon for leisure travel.

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