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Amex offers 4 bonus KrisFlyer miles for every dollar spent on mobile wallets

American Express is the latest card to jump on the mobile payment promotion bandwagon, with an offer launched on 15 August 2018 for Singapore Airlines co-branded credit card holders.

For every S$1 spent, Amex will give you 4 bonus miles, on top of the usual mileage. That means PPS Club branded cards can earn up 5.3 miles per dollar, Ascend can earn up to 5.2 miles per dollar and the blue Krisflyer card earns 5.1 miles per dollar.


Earn up to 5.3 miles, the promotional flyer says

There’s a very big BUT

However, the promotion is capped at a grand total of… 1,200 bonus miles. That’s right, that’s a pathetic S$300 spend.

Also, foreign spend will not count towards the promotion too.

This offer is obviously not as generous as what Citibank did with their insane up to 8 miles per dollar spend, but still a relatively easy way to scoop up some miles if you are already holding the card.

How to sign up?

Because this promotion is not available on their website, I assume that only those targeted for this promotion (i.e. received the promotional email) will be eligible to sign up.

So, if you have the email, make sure you click on the “Save to Card” link in that email to register for the promotion first. Only the first 20,000 cardholders who register for the promotion will be eligible for the promotion.

Then, proceed to spend S$300 on your Amex KrisFlyer card between 15 August and 15 November 2018, and wait for the 1,200 bonus miles to be credited.

One caveat though: for any reason if you are holding multiple Amex KrisFlyer cards (I cannot imagine why you will do that), every card is eligible as long as you receive an email for it.

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