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Singapore LCCs operating to five cities in April, May

Scoot to operate only two routes in Apr & May; Jetstar Asia offers three routes since 21 Apr

While Singapore Airlines maintain a minimum link to key cities around the world, Singapore-based low cost carriers – Scoot & Jetstar Asia – has also quietly recommenced some services this month.


Scoot began suspending flights since February, and subsequently suspended all services since late March.

The airline will operate to two cities, Hong Kong and Perth, three times a week in both April and May.

The full schedule as follow:

SectorFlight no.Days of opsDepArrFlight timeAircraft
Singapore – Hong KongTR980Tue, Fri, Sun141518204h 5mB787-9
Hong Kong – SingaporeTR981Tue, Fri, Sun192023153h 55mB787-9
Singapore – PerthTR8Tue120017105h 10mB787-9
TR16Fri153020355h 5mB787-9
Perth – SingaporeTR9Tue181023455h 35mB787-9
TR17Fri21500315(+1)5h 25mB787-9
TR9Sun180023205h 20mB787-9

The airline has not made clear what service is available on these flights, but a check on the booking engine has shown that only the FlyBag product in Economy class is available for purchase.

ScootPlus, as well as meals, are not available for purchase, so if you need to make this trip, be prepared to bring your own.

Only FlyBag product is available for selection on Scoot’s flights

Jetstar Asia

Jetstar Asia has suspended all services since 23 March, originally for three weeks, and subsequently extended until 19 May.

To facilitate freight shipments and to establish essential links to key regional cities, Jetstar has announced that it will run very limited flights to Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Manila from 21 Apr.

Manila will be operated once a week on Tuesdays, while Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur will run twice weekly. Note that Singapore to Bangkok services will operate as freighters only and are not available for sale, given that Bangkok has barred all international passenger flights from landing.

The full schedule as follow:

SectorFlight no.Days of opsDepArrFlight timeAircraft
Singapore – Manila3K761Tue061509553h 40mA320
Manila – Singapore3K762Tue103014153h 45mA320
Singapore – Bangkok*3K515Wed, Sat104512102h 25mA320
Bangkok – Singapore3K516Wed, Sat125016152h 25mA320
Singapore – Kuala Lumpur3K685Thu125013551h 5mA320
3K663Sun093510401h 5mA320
Kuala Lumpur – Singapore3K686Thu144015451h 5mA320
3K664Sun112012301h 10mA320

Jetstar Asia has also added that these services are only available to citizens and permanent residents who are returning home, or those with prior written approval for travel.

Note that there will be in-flight services at all. All seatback magazines and menus have been removed, while in-flight meals and duty-free items will not be sold at all.

All passengers will also be required to wear masks at all times during the flight.

Final thoughts

These flights are obviously not for leisure, but to facilitate essential travel and transport of goods. Many may not be aware, but the bulk of air freight – including your fresh food, electronics, medication and many other goods – are transported in the belly of passenger aircraft.

In this extraordinary times where passenger aircraft are almost all on the ground, cargo space becomes very precious. Airlines around the world are flying some seemingly empty planes, but in reality they are probably filled to the bream carrying goods under the passenger cabin.

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