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Singapore Airlines full schedule for May 2020

Only 3% of its usual schedule in operation for the month.

Singapore Airlines has announced their schedule for the month of May.

In this month, Singapore Airlines will only take off about 324 times – and that includes a single weekly return Silkair service to Chongqing.

In May, SIA will continue operating to the 15 cities in 13 countries, no change from the cities it operated to in April. These include Los Angeles, Shanghai, Sydney, London, Zurich, Frankfurt and a handful of Southeast Asia capitals.

This is the second month that SIA is operating a skeletal schedule. While SIA’s booking engine and GDS do show a ‘regular’ pre Covid-19 schedule in June, we would expect that this be pared down significantly, given that international travel restrictions are not showing any signs of easing up right now.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Full schedule below:

Southeast Asia – 129 flights

SectorFlight no.Days operatingDepArrDurationAircraft
Singapore – Kuala LumpurSQ104Mon, Wed, Fri083009301hA350-900
Kuala Lumpur – SingaporeSQ105Mon, Wed, Fri102511351h 10mA350-900
Singapore – BangkokSQ976Mon, Fri, Sun160017252h 25mB787-10
Bangkok – SingaporeSQ979Mon, Fri, Sun183021552h 25mB787-10
Singapore – JakartaSQ966Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun183019201h 50mA350-900
Jakarta – SingaporeSQ967Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun201523051h 50mA350-900
Singapore – ManilaSQ910Mon, Fri093013053h 35mA350-900
Manila – SingaporeSQ917Mon, Fri141517553h 40mA350-900
Hanoi – SingaporeSQ175Fri123517053h 30mB787-10
Ho Chi Minh City – SingaporeSQ177Mon, Thu123015302hB787-10

North Asia – 62 flights

SectorFlight no.Days operatingDepArrDurationAircraft
Singapore – SeoulSQ600Wed, Sat080015356h 35mA350-900
Seoul – SingaporeSQ609Wed, Sat164522006h 15mA350-900
Singapore – Tokyo NaritaSQ638Thu, Sat, Sun002508307h 5mB787-10
Tokyo Narita – SingaporeSQ637Thu, Sat, Sun101016207h 10mB787-10
Singapore – ShanghaiSQ830Mon093015055h 35mB787-10
Shanghai – SingaporeSQ833Mon165022205h 30mB787-10
Singapore – ChongqingMI972Mon070011354h 35mB737-800
Chongqing – SingaporeMI971Mon123517304h 55mB737-800

Australia – 26 flights

SectorFlight no.Days operatingDepArrDurationAircraft
Singapore – SydneySQ211Tue, Fri, Sun093519157h 40mB777-300ER
Sydney SingaporeSQ232Mon, Wed, Sat110017307h 30mB777-300ER

Europe – 80 flights

SectorFlight no.Days operatingDepArrDurationAircraft
Singapore – LondonSQ322Tue, Thu, Sat23300555(+1)13h 25mA350-900
London – SingaporeSQ317Mon, Thu, Sat11250730(+1)13h 5mA350-900
Singapore – FrankfurtSQ326Wed, Fri, Sun1155184012h 45mB777-300ER
Frankfurt – SingaporeSQ325Mon, Thu, Sat20001425(+1)12h 25mB777-300ER
Singapore – ZurichSQ346Wed, Fri, Sun0125081512h 50mB777-300ER
Zurich – SingaporeSQ345Mon, Thu, Sat11450555(+1)12h 10mB777-300ER

USA – 27 flights

SectorFlight no.Days operatingDepArrDurationAircraft
Singapore – Los AngelesSQ38Wed, Fri, Sun1940203515h 55mA350-900
Los Angeles – SingaporeSQ37Mon, Wed, Sat00050815(+1)17h 10mA350-900

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