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Jetstar Asia extends cancellations through 31 Jul

The Singapore-Colombo launch is also postponed until 26 Oct

Jetstar Asia announced yesterday (18 Jun) that it will be cancelling all flights up to 31 Jul, except for the five weekly services that it has been operating in the past weeks.

In addition, the Singapore-Colombo service which was to be launched on 1 Jul will also be pushed back to commence from 26 Oct 2020.

As again, all impacted Jetstar Asia passengers will be offered a refund to the full value of their untraveled booking in the form of a travel credit voucher. Jetstar Asia has already announced an enhancement to its credit vouchers, extending the validity from the original six months to a year. The credit voucher can also be used in multiple bookings.

Note that passengers with a booking to/from the Philippines, Australia, Sri Lanka or Japan are requested to wait to receive a letter from Jetstar regarding available options, which will likely include a cash refunds as protected until local consumer laws.

Jetstar Asia services still operating

Since late April, Jetstar has been operating five weekly flights to three Southeast Asian cities: Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia. Owing to Thailand’s ban on international passenger flight arrivals, the Singapore-Bangkok service is a freight-only service until further notice.

SectorFlight no.Days of opsDepArrFlight timeAircraft
Singapore – Manila3K761Tue061509553h 40mA320
Manila – Singapore3K762Tue103014153h 45mA320
Singapore – Bangkok*3K515Wed, Sat104512102h 25mA320
Bangkok – Singapore3K516Wed, Sat125016152h 25mA320
Singapore – Kuala Lumpur3K685Thu125013551h 5mA320
3K663Sun093510401h 5mA320
Kuala Lumpur – Singapore3K686Thu144015451h 5mA320
3K664Sun112012301h 10mA320

Final thoughts

In the time where airlines are starting to ramp up services again, it’s rather intriguing as to why Jetstar Asia remains slow to resume service.

While loads will understandably be much lower as compared to pre-Covid-19 days, the airlines will need to take the first initiative to commence service, as a signal of recovery before consumers start booking flights.

If Jetstar continues to take such a conservative stance in resuming flight, I won’t be surprised if they pick up less than ideal loads and yields down the road, given that demand will probably not meet capacity in the foreseeable future.

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